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Germany | Berlin | Olympiastadion Berlin

Olympiastadion Berlin
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There are four ticket categories for the EURO 2024

Red: Category 1 seats are located on the main and opposite stands; or in the lower blocks in the corners.

Blue: Category 2 seats are located in the corners and behind the goals; or on the main and opposite stands, above the Category 1 seats.

Green: Category 3 seats are located in the corners and behind the goals, further away from the pitch than Category 2 seats.

Orange: ‘Fans First’ seats are located behind the goals.

NOTE 1:You can only select the category, but not a specific seat within that category.

NOTE 2:all ticket categories may include seats in different tiers of the stadium (such as upper and lower tiers)

Course info

The huge Olympiastadion Berlin has been through several major overhauls since it first opened; top Berlin tourist attractions include the Brandenburg Gate.
Stadium introduction

The Olympiastadion Berlin has the longest history of all the UEFA EURO 2024 stadiums, and is the biggest venue too.

Built for the 1936 Olympic Games, the home of Hertha Berlin once had a capacity of 100,000, and holds a special place in German footballing culture since it has staged every German Cup final since 1985.

Berlin hosted the 2006 FIFA World Cup final between Italy and France. Nine years later, Barcelona beat Juventus at the Olympiastadion Berlin to win the 2015 UEFA Champions League final.

Travel guide

Olympiastadion is located in the west of Berlin, almost 7 kilometres from the western end of the Kurfürstendamm, and 10 kilometres from the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin’s main railway station (Hauptbahnhof). It is part of the Olympic Park, which includes other sports facilities.

The stadium can be easily reached by metro (U-Bahn). Take either line U2 or U12, which both can be boarded at several points in the city centre. Get off at stop Olympia-Stadion. It takes about 25 minutes to reach the stadium from Potsdamer Platz, and about 15 minutes from Zoologische Garten.

Alternatively, you can get to the stadium by commuter rail (S-Bahn). Take either line S5 or S75 to station Olympiastadion. Both lines link the stadium with Berlin’s major railway stations in the centre, as well with station Spandau in the west.

How to get to the Stadium

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  • Does my child need a ticket?

    Yes. Entrance to the stadium will only be authorized upon presentation of a valid ticket, including for children.

    All children (regardless of their age) will require a valid ticket to access the stadium and will have a seat allocated to them. Even if the child can sit on an adult´s lap, a valid ticket is required.

    If you wish to attend a match with a child, please consider the above when applying for or buying tickets.

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  • Location Quantity Price(USD)
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    $ 200
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