Burnley vs Nottingham Forest

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England | Burnley | Turf Moor

Turf Moor
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Course info

Stadium introduction

Burnley first moved into Turf Moor in 1883 after being invited to use a spare plot of land by Burnley Cricket Club who had occupied the site by themselves for over 50 years. In the Claret’s formative years when the team was known as Burnley Rovers Football Club and they occasionally played rugby union, their home was at Calder Vale Ground. With the exception of their Lancashire based rivals Preston North End, whose Deepdale Stadium holds the record, Burnley have occupied their football stadium for the longest period of time in England. Needless to say Turf Moor has changed substantially over the years, and Turf Moor has come a long way since the first 800 capacity grandstand was built way back in 1885. It wasn’t until the post-war period that the ground began to develop in the classic British mould, and Turf Moor could proudly boast four distinctive stands. One of the most memorable of the period was the 1954 build “Longside” which was used to house both home and away supporters, and it was famously constructed by members of Burnley’s Youth Team – something that certainly wouldn’t happen today! After the publication of the Taylor Report in 1990, Burnley were faced with no choice but to demolish their remaining terrace sections, and by September 1996 the ground was successfully converted to fully-seating. Costing an estimated £5.3 million adjusted for today’s prices, the club lost a great deal more in sentimental value after the historic Bee Hole End and Longside were replaced. Whilst some of the older fans may reminisce fondly about the olden days, Burnley as a club have adapted well to the modern era and have even gained promotion to the Premier League twice. This is an impressive achievement for a club whose stadium has enough seats for 1 in 3 inhabitants of the town which goes to show the relative size of the club compared to rivals.

Travel guide

Burnley is served by no less than three train stations: Burnley Barracks, Burnley Central and Burnley Manchester Road with the club suggesting that the latter is the closest to the stadium but my estimations put it at a joint distance of 0.9 miles with Burnley Central.

The walk will likely take you around 20 minutes from either station not including Burnley Barracks.


The closest bus station to Turf Moor is “Brunshaw” on Harry Potts Way which is located behind the southern most stand of the stadium. From here the following services run: 2, 517, 589, 592, 902 and 959.

How to get to the Stadium

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  • Location Price(USD)
  • Long side - Official ticket | Lower Tier
    $ 152
  • Long Side | Lower Tier
    $ 244